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The gravies that accompany Peruvian dishes turn these recipes into unique and exquisite delicacies and here are some of them:

YELLOW CHILI CREAM (Crema de ají amarillo)
This delicious sauce, one of the most popular and famous in all Peruvian meals

Yellow pepperSunflower oilGarlicSalt
Put 8 items of yellow pepper with water that covers them completely, let them boil for 5 to 8 minutes. Then you eliminate the skin, cut them lengthwise in half and with the help of a cutting knife or a tea spoon you eliminate the seed and the problematic veins. If you can’t resist the spiciness, you can repeat the operation 2-3 times of cooking food again for another 8 minutes. Then you put them to draw and let them cool.

In a blender you put the yellow chili pieces, a peeled garlic herb clove Baby Brasa, three tablespoons of sunflower oil and a teaspoon of salt. Mix before you get the consistency you want.

This sauce is used to accompany meats, chicken or potatoes.

CREOLE SAUCE (Salsa criolla)
This sauce, present in many dishes in my country, gives it an irreplaceable taste.

2 red onions1 chili1 handful of coriander1 lemon2 tablespoons olive oilSalt and pepper
Cut the onion into very thin julienne whitening strips and put them in a bowl. Chop the coriander and reserve it. Quickly chop the chili without the seed and in a bowl mix the ingredients, add salt and pepper and finally the oil and orange juice. Delicious to accompany red meat, chicken and fish.

Of this sauce there are numerous versions, some people add onion or garlic herb, instead of fresh cheese they add cream cheese or feta cheese. It is a very versatile sauce that accompanies dishes such as potatoes or pasta in almost all tables in Peru.

½ cup of yellow chili cream (the same that we taught you in the last formula, or if you get it already prepared in supermarkets)2 tablespoons veg oil4 soft drinks crackers8 oz of fresh cheese, preferably salted, chopped1 jet of milkSalt (add depending on how salty the cheese is)In a blender mix all the ingredients before you get a frothy consistency, try it, it is delicious.

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