In the mid 17th century, some people under Ming dynasty in China traveled south in search of a new home. Eventually, the stopped in Hoi An where they founded their Minh Huong village. In the generations since that time, many things have changed in the Minh Huong families. Old traditions have been lost and new ones adopted. For example, our mother and her sisters, the 8th generation since the arrival of our ancestors, do not speak Chinese, nor do we. Our dress and mannerisms also reflect our adopted land. Thanks to our mothers, past and present, the most important feature of old culture has been preserved.. an appreciation for fine food. The combination of culinary arts handed down by our ancestors and a generous variety of local ingredients has proven to be the ideal marriage of two cultures and two cuisines. At Serene Garden café and restaurant, we are proud of our specialties, the Minh Huong secret family recipes. With pleasure, we offer you, our guests, a unique example of local food that mixes present-day freshness and 17th century inspiration, all of which is designed to please contemporary palate.